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When discussing online marketing comes, we all know that the source of this type of trade where originated. No question must be said that the role of search engines, especially Google in the development and marketing of digital and internet high intensity can be. Perhaps we are not lying if we say that today’s internet marketing owes much to these search engines.In this article, the Web site Targeted Web Traffic is decided to have the topic of search engine marketing (SEM) to look at it briefly and discuss various aspects. By reading this article, you will fully understand and properly the subject of the search engines and the possibility of marketing it to you will gain. This information is useful and vital so that you can transform your business! So, if you want the most powerful marketing tools available online, learn and work to boost your self-miss reading this article.Let me start this topic, first a few facts and figures to show you why search engine marketing important and most.First, read some interesting information from Google, the world’s largest search engine: Google has more than 92% of the world’s search engines. More than 90 percent of Google’s revenue by selling packages of advertising on Google AdWords and YouTube is. Value estimates made by Google in the current market close to 740 billion dollars and the company Apple, Microsoft and Amazon in the fourth. Google close to 200 different companies in their subsidiaries manage it. The company earned nearly $95 billion in advertising in 2017 alone! It is said that this amount over the years of 2018 and 2020 has been increased by 5 to 15 percent. Google’s email service (Gmail) More than 27% of the shares of clients in the world’s email accounts. Here are some of the most interesting search engine marketing statistics: Starting 2020, the Web site is reputable Internet Live Stats announced that on a daily basis more than 5.5 billion searches in Google search engine will be. That means more than 63,000 searches per second! The share of mobile browsers during the last staring suppliers have made. According to official reports, more than 60% of mobile searches are carried there. Over the past year, more than 53% of ads clicked by mobile and tablet click eaten there. The most benefit from search engine marketing to shop online is marketing its sales 10 times this has been! The increase in the use of PPC advertising has resulted in an average of 7% less share of organic searches this year. By eliminating the separate list of advertising-placement advertising links link at the top of conventional Google click-through rate and a lot more. Voice Search (Voice Search) is expanding more and more, you are. So, I recommend the selected keywords to the ad clearly legible and so that pronouncing it to be simple. 85% of users visit the first to third pages of search engines. Subsequent pages only have a share of close to 15%. This means that if something is going to come from your search engines, it is on the first to third pages (especially the first page). More than 70% of the acquired businesses marketing online that SEM has used have had profit directly from this method. 81% of Internet users on the new Just by searching the search engines can them. The first ten results on the first page of results, with a share close to 80% of clicks are allocated to have. So, ten, 3 or 4 first link more than 60% of the clicks on hold. Return on investment (ROI) is very high in search engine marketing. What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?Marketing (at) search engine or Search Engine Marketing as it is abbreviated SEM, you know, the process of using the search engine and its peripherals in order to obtain better rankings, increase website visitors and consequently increased sales and profitability is said to be. The first key factor and purpose in this discussion followed, reaching the position of the first pages of search engines, or SERPs is.For this reason, the focus of website downtime on the proper use of SEM is to put your link on the first page of search results, ten times more to the eye come and have a far greater audience. Many of the people working in the field of marketing, SEM and SEO (search engine optimization) in fact one thing I know but the main thing is that SEO is one of the main marketing method and important words, the next strategy other methods of SEM is that most of the issues we will explore in more detail.Search Engine Marketing HistoryIn the 90s and starting slow and steady expansion of the Internet in the world, little by little the company different to the design and implementation of site of their own. At the same time, search engines were evolving. In fact, you could say the nineties and the beginning of the industrial revolution Internet business businesses were online. However, the lack of adequate integrity and availability of information to users, a bit for business are extremely difficult.With the advent of search engines, this problem was solved much more easily. Search engines help people that quickly and easily find the necessary information from the Internet. The basic method of these engines was slightly different from today’s system.Search engines began modeling in the recent acquisition of businesses created online and were admitted causing risk to capital invested in virtual worlds for commerce start. For example, Open Text first introduced the innovative PPC or click-through advertising system in 1996, which quickly gained attention. Two years later, in 1998, the site which changed its name to Overture changed the way the service opened. The company was acquired by Yahoo in 2003 and added to Yahoo’s integrated search engine system.But before Yahoo wants to do that, the company Google that in 2000 the first comprehensive system for advertising PPC ‘s called Google AdWords’ has developed as the first search engine that allows building had been recognized.Even this partnership could not do anything. Google not only unbeaten, but with the development of its search engine and it’s more important than production and supply of efficient tools such as Google Analytics itself gave more stability. Apart from these, Google algorithms have also helped to make this search engine the smartest and most important website.SEO or PPC? which one is better?As mentioned, SEM marketing has two main parts. In other words, this type of marketing in two general ways of implementation of the result. The method includes the optimization of search engines ( Search Engine Optimization ) or SEO and paid advertising (overall campaign by PPC ) is. Both of these methods can be a web site to bring you to the front pages of search results. But the point is, because of the sheer scale of SEO Experts in this field consider it an exclusive and separate category, but the truth is that SEO will not make sense without search engines.How SEO slower as a result of, but it is much more stable than advertising. This professional approach and expertise to carry out the principles and strategies of numerous pursued. But on the other hand, advertising methods or the PPC Unlike SEO is a quick way to draw conclusions, but its stability is temporary and once the period customized ads can remove it. Also, for this method, all you have to do is pay and order the ads. This little care and that surveys be simple, but many more of SEO is.Common Search Engine Marketing TermsThis type of marketing in terms of the variety seen that often in the form of initials identify the cause. So it is with these terms, or at least the most familiar in dealing with such words have to know that what they The more important lists the terms and words used in this type of marketing to introduce you to. SEM or Search Engine Marketing: Search Engine Marketing SEO or Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization SMM or Social Media Marketing: Marketing and attract visitors through ads or campaigns related to marketing networks, social. Effectiveness (Impression): Number of times an ad is displayed on a screen. This only applies to the number of times it is displayed, and it does not matter if a visitor does not see or pay attention to it. PPC or Pay-per-Click: The amount paid per click from the contacts (this is called CPC or Cost-per-Click also known as, and CPM or Cost per Million Impressions: Pay per view on a large scale. CTR or Click Through Rate: CTR, or the click of incoming and entrance through which search engines are directed to a page or pages from your site. SERP or Search Engine Results Page: Search engine results page Whether to set up an effective campaign SEM according to SEO necessary?Although one of the factors of search engine marketing system for advertising click it is, but if that regardless of tips and strategies SEO site design and want it in the SEM introduce better this Do not waste because you will only waste your time, energy and budget!SEO is not just a series of techniques to improve the ranking and position of your site But the issue of a multilateral science to use all the potential of a web site. Interestingly, many web masters mistakenly think that SEO just a better rating but the fact that the rating is only one factor in SEO campaign. The wrong kind of thinking makes so much of the Site solely for the issue and work out the consequences of improper wrestle consuming much of the business owners.Of course, a convenient and user-friendly design, high loading speeds, responsive and mobile compatibility and such issues are all factors that a successful site needs to have. These factors all sub Techniques and Tips SEO are. So, in answer to the question that was asked in the title of this section, we must say yes! You have to set up a campaign SEM must have been a site SEO. Unless Views moment of satisfied users or by increasing the rate jump (Bounce Rate) , and eventually the profitability of your site you do not have a problem!Price Marketing SEM What is?Mainly the cost of marketing SEM in text ads, video ads click advertising or search engines can summarize that the largest share of the advertising PPC is. But the amazing thing that makes so many of the acquisition of a sector of great interest to order even advertising ads have run on Google is that it is systematic. Google has a special approach to increase interaction with its customers. The company is offering a package of click advertising for those Web campaign of advertising useful way to save, sort of a discount for it in the desired place.This is the package for the first pre- suppose you can and then if the ordering process on a regular basis and in accordance with the principles and standards are also customized ads, Google ads off successive the show. In fact, if one of these customers will become a package of Google’s special promotional interest you. That’s why a lot of people when the advertising system used to term it the top priority of your day.Google educate and inform their blog says that if a web site and you want to earn through Google ads on the first page of results, to achieve the best result should be on quality, SEO and Networking Social Open an account. But if you are just looking for a few clicks for a typical site, you should not expect much from its return.Benefits of Search Engine MarketingThe more important the marketing advantages that SEM can be used for Brands and Businesses small and large have pointed out that: Rapidly increase brand reputation in search engines As noted, the Campaign SEO long -term and are slow. Even active in the network of social Google said in this connection that the time required to add a Web site rating system of vocational Google and wrapping in place appropriate search results nearly a year. If the acquisition work just the way you are put in this year is no place name is not taken from you and be very slow and quiet introduce yourself to others in the search engines.But this is not the case in SEM marketing. If even a single day since the construction and start- up Web site before you, you can help click advertising and search engine marketing to bring it to the first page of results! In this way, businesses that previously had no visitors and audience can be very high speed with almost no effort for a wide range of visitors to see. But again, emphasizes that to deliver ads before the field of emergency such as a fast, quality and also consider content marketing to get more impact from this. Marketing SEM, you can earn quick lead. If the strategy appropriate and take your ads with the layout and content to encourage action to order these ads, you will see the sign and display order on the same day you applied visits and direct benefit to you will come. Store a lot of competition in the same way in the Internet world, and many of them have any promotions or capital investment by other aside and to order click advertising, Google turned Andes.The use of this system except a few tips and strategies need to abide by certain advertising, no worries and hard work for the trade does not. Of course, Google is your best source of advertising and sign their orders in Google, you can use comprehensive tools and career of Google AdWords to use. Of course, there are many other ways and means of advertising on the Internet, which may not be without merit. In SEM marketing, you can spend as much as you can but get results Search engine marketing is very flexible, and scale is possible. The smaller the acquisition of a sector to the corporate giants ASA can be due to the budget and the need to take advantage of it directly and almost without loss. The system provides admission to even earn small to compete with at least a share of advertising budgets have little to develop themselves through a visit or sell as a result of this promotion, your brand on a wide scale greater announced. After no obligation and does not need to spend heavily in the beginning and you can start your business with minimal funds.Fortunately, promotional tools Google and other search engines can very well for Web masters are. You Are using this tool, you can set a limit for your budget, consider making it a powerful computing system according to this system to advertise daily, weekly or monthly to choose from. The marketing right audience at the right time targeting The world of the Internet today has more than 3 billion users worldwide. According to statistics, more than 93% of the experience of users on the Internet search engines start and obviously that search engines may be the greatest contribution for distribution of hits on the Web site to have. What this means is that it never can get more inputs that can be search engines have received from other sources.With a simple trade-off can be realized that the same search engines are where clients or potential users to become customers are present. This is to be sure that in every field of activity you have at the moment many people are searching in search engines to find something like you! With search engine marketing your brand name customers continue to show now Yes, this is exactly what might happen under normal circumstances. But the ubiquity of you in front of these users to involuntary unconscious on the impact it leaves! With the help of marketing SEM, along with activities useful network of social and importantly more suitable site SEO, you are always a topic about which the customer is looking for, look out!This so-called “strengthened re-brand” the call. It is enough for a customer to see your name several times to be subconsciously and effectively directed at you. One of the points of the advertising world this issue. You may have noticed that companies large and successful world just by showing your logo in large billboards advertising and sponsorship do with the contacts you make. Because they affect to attract consumer attention and prove his qualities needed to do before. Now just repeat the name for this group of people is reached. The most obvious example for this is the only authentic brand name or logo on clothing for teams a football club. In PPC advertising and SEM marketing, you only pay for what you order. In order to register your typical and traditional advertising your ad to display the number of contacts you have. This advertisement is no guarantee the service for a certain amount of advertising stating that you are there to get feedback. The television commercials and billboards advertising probably important city most are merely a representation of the product or service that may be small audience the most reluctant to show it not!For example, you may be the manufacturer or seller of a particular type of clothing. Others will quickly ignore your ad. However, this type of advertising is still lucrative, but whether we like it or not, this model of introducing products is very public and is by no means purposeful!Smart marketing promotions vary SEM marketing traditional is that in traditional advertising, it is you who should stir up the water and fire to their audience, attracted a product or service, but in marketing and advertising with search engines smart PPC users who search are looking for something that you have to promote you arrive! SEM you a competitive advantage to Perhaps this can be very comfortable with ads PPC from other sites competing and working in the field, overtaking you, normally a bit strange but it is true. We have already said that achieving real and lasting success in this field is creating a balance between SEO and SEM. There are two points here. First, the expertise of the SEO processes all run well not be. That way you and overtake rivals to progress smoothly move.So, reaffirm that order before sending the advertisement should consider an efficient strategy for your ad. Simple means more must be said that your ad text should be short, concise and yet contain sufficient information. The second point is that this short text should be written in a way that encourages users to click on it. Techniques are different but usually all these cases, a combination of special offers (such as discounts limited) in the title of this advertising. The cost of SEM advertising is significantly lower than the cost of traditional advertising. Except the tips of the sixth, the overall costs and tariffs for click advertising on search engine marketing in the eyes of other types of traditional advertising to less is more. The advertising for the cost reasonable, even for small the acquisition of businesses start-ups may also be used. Even many people because the price fit this type of marketing, from advertising to trial and error to learn from audience feedback about the services or products you use them! A low- cost but highly functional in a short time a lot of information to trade on the show.TOP Strategy Marketing SEMMarketing with Search Engine Advertising solely in order PPC is not to be. You must be prepared to do whatever strategy you adopt. More important in most of the techniques and strategies to reflect the following: Consider a budget. Of course, starting and developing a budget without no meaning. No matter how limited your budget needs for the campaign will be enough. This budget should be part of the following should be considered: Content production and marketing Construction and development of landing pages (Landing Pages) Keyword research, competitors research and market conditions Free and paid analytics tools like Google Analytics Use the best website traffic sources Professional management tools like Google Webmaster Tools PPC or CPC click ads. Set your goals. Conclusion Search engines, and above all Google, are the things on which the success of any online business that has a website and whose business is circulating through the website depends on it. While their main goal is to get targeted & high quality website traffic users to what they are looking for, search engines also work with thousands of small and large businesses to make the best of this. If you look closely, you will see that search engines work in such a way that all three parties (users and customers, businesses and webmasters, and finally search engines) are making the best use of this hot and turbulent platform. There is a lot of potential in search engines for different jobs. So, if you want to be effective in the field of internet marketing, be sure to consider marketing with search engines.

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